Welcome Home

Becky Chrisinger, FounderAn eye for design, and a vision to create

I started Welcome Home out of a passion for loving homes and the people that live in them. I noticed and truly believe that our environments shape us.  When we live in beautiful and comfortable spaces, we are inspired. Everyone can feel this – it’s a positive energy – we honestly are “happy at home.” When we’re happy at home, we’re happier everywhere. We’re more open, kind, loving and inclusive. It’s a ripple effect that goes out into the rest of our world.

As a professional decorator for more than 35 years, my designs and creations cannot be taught in classrooms or found in textbooks. They come from the heart. The soul of my business is my passion for working with people in creating an environment that they love.

Simplifying your life

Simplifying your life

Eliminating stressSaving you time and money

I will do as much or as little as you need or want. Some clients just need the ideas and direction and will take it from there on their own. Some want it all, the ideas and plan of action to the completion of the project.

How much does it cost?  Some people have strict budgets and I can accommodate that – others want an idea of how much everything will cost before they move ahead – that’s ok too.

Focusing on your happinessCreating a relationship with each of my clients allows me to design their ideal spaces